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clickup build

clickup build

This service includes a detailed business audit to analyse your current business situation, followed by creating or optimising processes and systems in and around ClickUp. The implementation is designed to suit the individual needs of your business, resulting in a customised ClickUp that is streamlined, automated, organised and increases productivity.

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why this is different

Optimised lead capture form to qualify your leads and remove time wasters, implemented organic lead generation strategies, on brand proposal structure proven to increase results, referral strategy to increase lead generation...

Process audit to ensure there are no bottlenecks, automations that you wouldn’t have thought about, including automated marketing processes...

Business strategies to achieve your goals, productisation of your packages and services, finance management strategies, optimised team management and communication strategies for both team and clients...

Developing your mindset, your vision implemented and realised, CEO calendar strategy to optimise your working week, zero inbox strategy, implemented time management and focus strategies...

does this sound familiar?

  • You want to streamline and improve ClickUp but don't have the time to do it yourself, especially learning how all the features work
  • You want to enhance productivity, organisation and communication with your clients and team members
  • You need all the processes in your head to be documented so you can delegate and outsource the work, freeing your time
  • You are struggling to see what the team have on their plate and are therefore missing deadlines
  • You can’t see through the ever growing list of to dos, and never seem to accomplish anything because you are too caught up in admin tasks
  • You are inundated with notifications but afraid to turn any off in case you miss anything
  • You don’t want to spend hours reading through generic training material that won’t help with your specific business needs

can you relate to these?

then this is for you!


We will get to know each other over a Zoom call, as well as discussing your pain points and requirements

Once onboarded, we will get together for a Strategy call to dive deep into your ClickUp, systems and tools

After our Strategy call, I will design and implement unique and efficient solutions for your business

I will present to you your fully streamlined and automated ClickUp. Here we can also make some amendments if required

You will have support 30 days after handover to make sure you have everything you need post implementation

improve productivity

just imagine

  • Having the ability to manage one-off or multiple projects seamlessly and effortlessly
  • ClickUp demystified and structured in a way that helps your business grow
  • Integrating your ClickUp with your other tools, including google drive/calendar, drop box, zoom and so much more
  • Having customised views of both internal and client projects, showing you your priorities as well as your team’s priorities
  • Taking routine admin tasks off your plate because they are automated
  • Having automated templates for tasks, views, projects (both internal and client work)
  • Seeing an increase in productivity from both you and your team
  • Working collaboratively with team members and clients, as well as enabling clear and concise communication


  • Better work life balance because you know how to leverage your time, focusing on what's important and which activities to complete next
  • Having streamlined and automated processes, meaning your business is running like a dream
  • Finally feeling in control of your business and day-to-day operations
  • Being able to increase your revenue because you have systems, processes and tools that support your growth
  • Freeing up your time to focus on what's important to you, whether it's personal or business, because you have a business that's not running you into the ground
  • Being able to take things off your plate without dropping the ball ad removing the feeling that you need to be everywhere
  • Your whole business organised in one place and effortless to run

revolutionise your virtual world


what you get

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  • Team processes to ensure you get the best out of your team, and improve communication and productivity.
  • Documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) and how to add automation to them to save you time
  • Marketing processes that manage all of your various marketing activities including blogs, social media, email marketing and podcasts
  • All your business information, resources, branding and anything else you need to run your business, organised and easily accessible
  • A mechanism to manage your business to dos, including recurring tasks and future projects that you need to plan and organise
  • Team recruitment and onboarding processes, including contracts, onboarding forms and a team database
  • CRM to manage your leads and clients at various stages of the on and off boarding process.
  • Automation to ensure all of your tools are talking to each other and removing the mundane admin tasks from your to do list
  • Project Management processes for both client work and internal projects for your business

  • Recorded and documented tutorials and training on how it all works and how to get the best out of ClickUp
  • Build and set up of functionality, including (but not limited to) ClickApps, Templates, Custom fields, Email and Statuses, so that your data can be managed in the most effective way
  • Build of hierarchy utilising Spaces, Folders, Lists and Views to give you an organised and efficiently structured business that's specific to your needs
  • Build of Dashboards, Client Portals, communications and reporting mechanisms
  • An organised and structured ClickUp, to give you maximum efficiency
  • CRM process (if required) using automations to send clients Questionnaires, Contracts, Proposals, Lead Capture Forms, Schedulers and Canned Emails
  • Processes to manage testimonials and portfolios, including capturing the data and using it where you need to, such as website or social media
  • Build of integrations and automations (internally and externally to ClickUp)


Want to have ClickUp set up sooner?
Choose the VIP day and have your ClickUp operational and streamlined in one day!
Over the course of a day, you will have all the core items created and linked together for a specific process
investment: £1900

Let me create a unique structure that will organise your business, save you time and improve productivity, helping your business to grow.
Regardless of your industry, let me take the overwhelm and stress of implementing ClickUp off your plate, giving you back time to spend it where you need to.

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