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business strategy

This service includes a detailed business audit to understand and analyse your current business situation, followed by a documented custom-made Road Map for you to enact to get your business back on track or to the next level. You will have clear actions to help step up your game, and practical information to help structure and organise your business.

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why this is different

Optimised lead capture form to qualify your leads and remove time wasters, implemented organic lead generation strategies, on brand proposal structure proven to increase results, referral strategy to increase lead generation...

Process audit to ensure there are no bottlenecks, automations that you wouldn’t have thought about, including automated marketing processes...

Business strategies to achieve your goals, productisation of your packages and services, finance management strategies, optimised team management and communication strategies for both team and clients...

Developing your mindset, your vision implemented and realised, CEO calendar strategy to optimise your working week, zero inbox strategy, implemented time management and focus strategies...

does this sound familiar?

  • You have an idea of where you want to get to, but are not sure where to start
  • You want to hit the ground running and ensure your business can keep up with your growth and vision
  • You want to learn how to customise the tools to suit your specific business and which features/functionality would be best to utilise
  • You have specific questions for your business that the generic training material can’t answer
  • You want to be organised and streamlined so you can serve your clients in the best possible way
  • You are making strides in your business, but you need some clear next steps to develop your business further
  • You want to ensure you are spending your time wisely and not bogged down in manual admin tasks

can you relate to these?

then this is for you!


We will get to know each other over a Zoom call, as well as discussing your pain points and requirements

Once onboarded, we will get together for a Strategy call to dive deep into your business, systems and tools

After our Strategy call, I will pull together the Road Map that will document your strategic solutions for your business

I will  take you through the Road Map, and answer any questions you may have about what is documented

You will have support 30 days after handover to make sure you have everything you need post handover


just imagine

  • Having a business that’s built on solid foundations, helping you to scale and achieve your goals and vision
  • Being able to improve your clients journey and experience
  • Tools such as ClickUp and Dubsado demystified and knowing how to structure them in a way that helps your business grow
  • Being able to take things off your plate without dropping the ball and removing the feeling that you need to be everywhere
  • Finally feeling in control of your business and day-to-day operations


  • Being able to increase your revenue because you know how to set up your systems, processes and tools that will support your growth
  • You have a better work-life balance because you Know how to leverage your time, focusing on what's important and which activities to complete next
  • Increased productivity because your systems are set up to ensure you and your team know what you have got to do and when
  • Knowing how to streamline and automate your processes, meaning your business is running like a dream

revolutionise your virtual world


what you get

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  • Recommendations on building/improving your CRM in a way to streamline your client experience, giving them a smooth journey throughout the process, including on and off boarding them, client management and communication
  • Actions on how to organise and structure your business within each tool, to give you maximum efficiency, and that is specific to your needs
  • Recommendations on how to get the best out of each tool’s functionality, so that your data can be managed in the most effective way
  • Actions on how to create templates, Questionnaires, Contracts, Proposals, Lead Capture Forms, Schedulers, Packages, Payment Schedules, Canned Emails and Workflows
  • Recommendations on building your PM tool, including creating Project Management processes for both work for your client and internal projects for your business.
  • Methods on how to set up Dashboards, Client Portals, communications and Reporting

  • Recorded and documented tutorials and training on how it all works and how to get the best out of your tools, including how to create automations that will free your time
  • Answers to your specific business questions
  • Recommendations on the best tools and systems to use for your specific business
  • Actions on how to get the best out of your tools, including (but not limited to) CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Project Management, Email Marketing, Email, Finance, Communications, Calendar, Storage & Organisation
  • Recommendations on how to get the best out of your team, and improve communication and productivity
  • Actions on how to streamline your processes and business operations, including how to create integrations and automations
  • Methods on how to document your standard operating procedures (SOPs) and how to add automation to them to save you time


Let me help you achieve your next steps in your business journey by creating a customised business strategy with clear and concise actions that will make your business a dream to run. It will guide you in the right direction, ensuring your business is built on solid foundations that will support your future growth. 

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